Kalari healing

It comes from Kalarippayattu, an old Indian type of fight, which initially originated in Kerala and which is still today widespread in South India.

The warriors were prepared for the fights and became flexible with hot oil massages. The muscles were warmed up, oiled and stretched. This made them more agile, and with the incorporation of the Marma points (energy points) and Nadis (energy lines), it eases blockades, heals injuries, and Prana (the energy of life) will flow again.

Kalari describes a subject in which the knowledge about healing, martial arts, music, dance, etc. is preserved, developed and used.

The most particular case in which the Kalary therapy is used is when having muscles or joint problems, a limited movement system, rheumatic or chronic diseases when losing weight or cleaning out the system of the body.

Kalari Treatments