Cures Ayurveda- and Kalari

Ambulant cleaning cures especially adapted to the patient prepared in the classic Ayurveda style for health provisions and rejuvenation (Rasayana).

In a traditional way these cures are applied as well in the case of the most different disorders, e.g.:
In cases of metabolic disorders, chronic sicknesses, vegetative disorders as nervousness and insomnia, disorders in the movements, underweight or obesity, high blood pressure, skin diseases and many more.

You choose from different cure packets for your personal program.
From the cure for relaxation for regeneration, stress reduction and for harmonizing (Rasayana cures) to the intensive cleaning cure.

We are ready to advise you with regard to which massages, applications and treatments are especially suitable for you.

Enjoy in marvellous surroundings in the north of Tenerife, near Puerto de la Cruz, a cure in Ayurveda style, especially adapted for you, with the main aim for rejuvenation of body, spirit and soul.

The prices include VAT, original oils from India, preparations of herbs and tea infusions adapted to your type.

In the immediate surroundings of Santa Ursula and Puerto de la Cruz you will find different choices of accommodation at your disposal. I will be pleased to help you to find your “right choice”.

You can contact me under the telephone numbers +34 634 339 119 or 922 300 768.

Ayurveda weekend – “only for me”

2 days of treatment

Reserve 2 days only for yourself: Ayurveda to know each other, for relaxation and well-being.
More than only a weekend for well-being – with personal assistance and individual recommendations, elaborated especially for you.

  • 1 x consultation, determination of the type, individual advice and nutritional recommendations
  • 2x Abhyanga – Oil massage of the whole body with oils from Indian herbs of high quality.
  • 2x Heat treatments (Swedana)

Price: 165,- €

Kalari- Packet for a fit back

3 days of treatment

These intensive applications with valuable herb essences can loosen blockades in the shoulder-neck-area, ease backache, regenerate the spinal column, leading to more flexibility of the back area.

  • Consultation
  • Kalari-Whole body massage
  • Upanahasveda (special back massage)
  • Kalari Kizhi (Loosing massage with herbs in a small sack)
  • Individual therapeutic back exercises.

Price: 265,- €

Little slimming cure Langhana

5 days of treatment

With special reducing therapies (Langhana) we can transport and mobilize toxic agents and impurities from the tissue. The exit through the intestine is soft thanks to the special herb preparations. The classic applications in Ayurveda style convert the cure into a very special feeling of well-being and health.

  • Detailed nutritional advice
  • 2 x Abhyanga (Oil massage of the whole body)
  • Udvartana (Massage with powders and pastes)
  • Pinda Sveda (Massage with a small sack)
  • Garshana (Massage with silk gloves)
  • Exit procedure

Price: 485,- € - additional applications can be reserved with us by previous agreement.

Rasayana-Rejuvenation cure – reconstitution and regeneration

5 days of treatment

5 days relaxation for body, spirit and soul.
Rasayana cures are so important in our hectic times, being able experimenting again relaxation, increasing the strength and creating new energies.

  • Anamnesis, determination of the type, individual advice and nutritional recommendations.
  • 3x Abhyanga – Oil massage of the whole body
  • 3x heat applications (Swedana)
  • 2x Additional treatments of the whole body (e. g. Jambira Pinda Sweda / Kizhi )
  • 2x partial treatments (e. g. back massage/foot massage/ Kati-Basti)
  • Herb infusions included during the cure
  • General recommendations when at home, last meeting

Price: 485,- € - Additional applications can be reserved with us by previous agreement.

Intensive cure of clearing and regeneration in Ayurveda style

5 to 15 days of treatment

The classic cures in Ayurveda style clean the body from impurities and the natural balance is re-established. Pains and limitations of movement are improved, the accumulations in the tissues get looser and move. Upon profound consideration a plan for treatment is elaborated, adapted to your personal constitution as well as eventual disorders.

A cure includes:

  • Anamnesis, determination of the type, nutritional recommendations, individual therapy plan.
  • Local treatments
  • Massages with herb oils.
  • Treatments for perspiration
  • Cleaning means and procedures of exit
  • Medicine with herbs
  • Individual corporal exercises and for respiration

The prices of the consulting room are 110.-C a day, treatments and materials included. Per day are applied 2 treatments, for which you can plan approx. 2 hours of treatment time. The duration of the cure is from 5 to 15 days.

Any idea for a gift?

Make a gift with pleasant relaxation! Gift tokens you can get in the consulting room of Ayurveda or if you wish can be sent to you by post.