Ayurveda treatments

Ayurveda massages and treatments with high quality herbal oils following the mild but effective teachings of real Ayurveda.

Abhyanga – Full-body Oil-massage

I use for the “big oiling” Indian high quality herbal oils that are warmed up and rubbed into the skin. The massage supports the body and expels emotional strain and accumulation of Vata.

60 Min. € 65,- / € 85,- depending on the location

Udvartana – Powder massage

The whole body tissue will be cleansed and stimulated, and the blood flow of the skin will be improved. Specific powders will be incorporated with rhythmical movements on the skin. They will ensure the cleaning of the internal body system and improve the skin's appearance.

60 Min. € 65,- / € 85,-


Back massage with Lepa-herb tray and perspiration treatment. It has a wonderful effects on discal problems, regenerate the spinal column, when having HWS-, BWS- or LWS- syndrome, lumbago, or back pain.

60 Min. € 65,- / € 85,-


For the face more “cooling” oils are used. The Mukabhyanga can solve the problems on the feeling area. It gives a rejuvenated and embellishing effect. Stress and worries will disappear.

30 min. € 35,- / € 45,-


The ayurvedic feet application to the calves and knees. It really works when being stressed, tired (mental and physical) and interior restlessness. It confers You stability, strength and smoothness.

30 min. € 35,- / € 45,-


The Indian head massage is given seated. The goal of the Indian head massage is to ease the tension that has been accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck, and shoulders. The circulation of the skin of the head will be stimulated and will counteract the early appearance of grey hair and hair loss.

30 min. € 35,- / € 45,-

Shirodara – Forehead oil pouring

Probably the most wellknown Ayurvedic program – a stream of hot oil pours over the forehead. This treatment helps in case of emotional imbalance, nervousness, tiredness, stress, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, migraine, and depressions. Shiroabhyanga preceding.

60 Min. € 55,- / € 75,-


In traditional Ayurveda it is called “ the outer enema”. There are put dough rings on different positions on the spinal column and filled with hot medical oils. They serve to nourish the spine and to keep the intervertebral discs more flexible and elastic.

45 Min. € 40,- / € 50,-

Jambira-Pinda-Sveda - Hot lemon-coconut stamp massage

The hot lemon-coconut stamp massage is a beauty and regeneration treatment for the skin. It reduces the fatty tissue and improves the image of the skin.

60 Min. € 65,- / € 85,-


The smooth eye treatment. A dough ring is placed around the eyes, and then hot Ghee (clarified butter) is poured on the eye sockets. This treatment is used with many eye diseases, when having dry eyes, weak eye muscles, also when being myopic or long-sighted.

30 Min. € 35,- / € 45,-

All the prices include VAT, even the Indian high quality herbal oils.