About me Jana Bauske

Already in my youth I was fascinated by the eastern/oriental healing methods and had an early desire to discover a world which is so foreign to West Europeans.

Jana Bauske

Jana Bauske

Founder / Born in 1976

I travelled for two years south-eastern Asia and India, where I visited monasteries, masters and teachers. I learned different healing methods or the so called: “the knowledge of life”.

I learnt the traditional Thai-Massage in the “Old Chiang Mai Hospital” in Thailand, and back in Germany I finished my education in Ayurveda health counselling.

My way brought me to Tenerife where I have worked for years in my own practice. Further education in massaging tecniques include indian head massage and classical massage in Tenerife and Kalari Marma-Nadi therapy at Markus Ludwig institut in Germany.

It is my great pleasure to create for you a space in which healing, consciousness and relaxation are possible.